Compact technology

With COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® you can store your table anywhere with the most efficient folding and space-saving table-design.


Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease. The DSI system has 16 locking points. The table is fully locked in playing and storage positions. What’s more, because of its unique system, if a child opens the table and releases the handle, the panel automatically locks at 65°, thereby avoiding any risk of accident. Finally, if the top is not fully locked in the playing position, a second locking level stops the top from flipping over.

Protective corners

Soft protection pads are added on each  corner of the table to guarantee optimal safety for your children.

4 Brakes

Each wheel of your table is equipped with a brake. Four brakes allow your table to remain stable even on sloping ground, whether it is unfolded or not !