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Playing Quality

The thicker the panel (from 4 to 9mm) better the bounce. Outdoor panels are made of resin laminate, they are weather resistant (rain, snow, frost...) and shock resistant making them ultra-durable.

Play comfortably with the SOFTMAT coating which reduces 3 times sun glares.

Both height and tension can be adjusted to get the net perfectly set up. 

Tabletop Durability

The frame is made of an ultra durable noncorrosive aluminium/zinc alloy. 

The panel is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate). Conceived to sustain bad weather (rain, snow, frost) your table can stay outside all year long. Furthermore this material is extremely resistant to blows, impacts, color fading.. 


The patented "Compact Technology®" system ensures optimum safety, easy movement and minimizes storage space requirements. 

The tabletop can be locked and unlocked thanks to a button system of 8 locking points at the bottom and top of the side of your table. This basic safety feature meets all table tennis table safety standards. 

Stability / Robustness

The frame is made of a zinc and aluminium alloy. This 50mm thick structure ensures a good flatness of the panel

The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize twin wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design
offer unique clearance, manoeuvrability and flexibility. 
2 brakes provide better stability during the game and greater safety in folded position. 

This table is equipped with adjustable leg pads (50mm diameter) to get a flat playing surface on all grounds

Equipment / Ergonomics / Manoeuvrability

Solo game: keep one side of the table up to train on your own.

Racket holders have been added to the sides of the table in order to store rackets. 

The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize twin wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design, offer unique clearance, manoeuvrability and flexibility.


DESIGNATION Challenger Outdoor
TABLETOP 4 mm SoftMat
SAFETY Compact Technology - DSI 
LEGS Straight - Ajustable leg pad 50mm 
NET Fixed
WARRANTY 10 years

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