Customer Service

Cornilleau strives to offer the best quality possible but our products aren’t indestructible, and time can weaken some parts. That is why we remain committed to offer an efficient customer service!

We certify the availability of all our tables’ spare-parts for at least 10 years. These spare-parts can be ordered at:


Cornilleau customer service is located in Bonneuil-les-eaux (France). Our team of specialists will be able to answer all your questions and inquiries. Feel free to call us at:

+33 (0)3 44 80 22 22 from Monday to Friday. 8h00 to 12h00 and 13h30 to 17h30.

Your guarantee

Cornilleau guarantees both INDOOR and OUTDOOR tables for a period of 3 years and 10 years for OUTDOOR laminated panels (guaranteed against any distortion, peeling or fading of white stripes).

The guarantee is applicable for replacement of the part that has been deemed defective by our team. The guarantee doesn’t apply for the following cases:

  •          Normal part wear
  •          Wrong assembly of the part
  •          Lack of maintenance
  •          Use of corrosive products for maintenance
  •          If the safety and user guidelines hasn’t been properly followed
  •          If the table collapse due to strong wind in a folded position
  •          If the table has been put upside down or carried alone
  •          Any other external factor non-related to the quality of the table

Use of guarantee - Please send us an inquiry by email or letter describing the defect and stating the full reference and serial number of the table (located on the top right corner under the panels).


Please provide: the table invoice and corresponding pictures of the defective part.

The guarantee doesn’t include the delivery of the replacement.


Contact details :

Email :

Address : CORNILLEAU SAS, 14 route Départementale 1001 - CS 90170 Bonneuil-les-eaux - 60121 BRETEUIL CEDEX