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Tacteo 50

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Ultra-durable outdoor racket

Launched in 2005, the Tacteo is improving year on year to the rythm of our innovations. Capable of withstanding all kinds of bad weather, this ping pong racket boasts a new, colourful look which will unite young andold in the joys of the gamewith the family. The perfect alliance of technological innovation and design, this composite table tennis bat, based on a revolutionary concept, offers unique benefits in terms of its resistance to shocks and outdoor durability.


It's dynamic elastomer rubber ensures a good speed of play

Precision and Spin

Even better grip and control for a masterful game, thanks to an elastomer SKIN+ covering and it's patented surface geometry.

Solidity and Durability

The injected polymer blade provides an extremely solid core with improved resistance to impact, UVs and humidity. 


With its skillful design this racket favours perfect handling

This racket flared handle has a comfortable grip for everyone

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