The health benefits of ping-pong

Table tennis appeals to so many people for its health benefits. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, the sense of well-being experienced after a game is undeniable. Ping-pong is accessible to all and offers prospects for development to suit every level. So, what are the physical and mental benefits? Discover the unsuspected rewards of this sports activity and immediately make it a regular practice!

Table tennis, a recovery sport


Did you know that table tennis is the most widely played individual sport in the world? The installation of a ping-pong table requires very little space. Its small footprint enables either outdoor or indoor practice. Table tennis has something for everyone, from a game between friends to an international competition. All it takes is a few minutes to learn the first steps and have fun. According to the French Table Tennis Federation, this sport is particularly recommended for people who need to recover from an illness or an accident. Ping-pong develops motor coordination and psychomotor skills. By getting the whole body working, it adapts to the player, their speed and their needs.

Table tennis, a sport synonymous with concentration and speed

maquette_07.jpgTable tennis is a sport synonymous with speed and precision. It hones the reflexes and leads to improved skills. Whatever your level, the player has to disregard any external distractions. Concentration is a key element in the outcome of the game. Playing ping-pong is about learning to channel your attention into the game in order to achieve your goal. This ability to focus is very useful in daily life. Working efficiently, being productive and managing your stress are all positive benefits associated with playing ping-pong. The progressive mastery of the movements means play can be controlled and commanded. Table tennis develops some very interesting powers of analysis. There are quick-fire exchanges and the players are constantly anticipating and considering their next move. You observe your adversary, understand how they work and opt for a decision which you hope will catch them out. Ping-pong helps you to analyse and make a decision in a matter of seconds. You’ll learn to be fast, active and dynamic.

Table tennis, a sport synonymous with a cardiovascular workout

Table tennis enables you to burn off 250 calories an hour. It provides excellent cardiovascular training that serves as a real heart tonic. Ping-pong has the advantage that it gives your whole body a workout. The arms, legs, back and also the abdominal muscles, providing harmony and tone. To build muscle and show off your figure, opt for dynamic, regular practice. Table tennis develops flexibility, by ensuring your leg muscles are strengthened through lots of bending and stretching. Table tennis is an all-round sport renowned for its health benefits. Boosting concentration, sharpness, precision and even strengthening muscles, it provides both physical and mental balance that is accessible to all. So, what are you waiting for?