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Softbat pack Quattro 4 racchette e 4 palline esterno

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La prima racchetta ecologica da esterno concepita. Questo prodotto innovativo e resistente è il risultato di un processo di riciclaggio delle fibre tessili dell’azienda francese Armor-Lux

Speed: 6

Spin: 6+

Control: 8

Precisione ed effetto


Solidità e Durata

A solid inner plate gives at the core of the racket gives resitance and to blow and humidity.


a round ergonomic handle which suits youngsters and adults alike


The grip is defined by the specificities of the sponge + topsheet and mostly by the characteristics of the topsheet (grip + elasticity + pimples shape). With a higher grip, the ball spin will be superior. Then, more elasticity will increase the contact surface with the ball. The shape and density of the pimples will also greatly influence the effect. Finally our technologies will bring enhanced “grip” performance.


SOFTBAT is made from recovering cotton and polyester fabrics and recycling former ARMOR LUX end of life clothing.  It is the first eco-design outdoor racket on the market. 

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